A’s Jesús Luzardo discovered comfort in baseball after Parkland shooting

It was Valentine’s Day in 2018 when then-A’s possibility Jesús Luzardo got content from his old secondary school saying not to go to the Stoneman-Douglas High grounds in Parkland, Florida.

There was a functioning shooter at the school, and Luzardo should be there to assist with training at his institute of matriculation. Get Philadelphia Phillies Tickets today.

As per a Mercury News article distributed a couple of days after the shooting, Luzardo came back to his old fashioned three times each week during the offseason to mentor the ebb and flow yield of secondary school baseball players.

“It was somewhat of a hurricane of feelings – I was running late,” Luzardo told partner Marcus Semien in MLB’s new fragment “Fitted” that appeared in April. “I should be there right when school got out.”


Luzardo was playing golf and was advised by his mentor not to come to grounds, and he would detail the tumult that resulted in a meeting with the New York Times in 2018.

“The town unquestionably went into stun for some time, and it was intense,” he said. “I was happy I got baseball to sort of depending on.”

A shooter started shooting at the school in Luzardo’s old neighborhood, executing 17 individuals and harming 17 others. Get Cheap Pittsburgh Pirates Tickets.

Stoneman-Douglas was likewise Chicago Cubs’ All-Star first baseman’s Anthony Rizzo place of graduation, and the baseball field Luzardo played on would, in the long run, be named after Rizzo.

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